If You’re a Worker, You’re Being Googled

Posted on March 13, 2012

     Ruth Mantell’s article, “If You’re a Worker, You’re Being Googled,” is a reminder not to expect privacy on the internet and that nothing is anonymous.  Curtis Midkiff, director of social engagement for the Society for Human Resource Management, an Alexandria, VA.-based professional group, writes,”Don’t post anything on social networks – whether on business or personal matters – that you would not want to take responsibility for in an all-staff meeting.”  We should all remember that there is a negative side to everything positive and that while social media such as Facebook and Twitter have made networking easier, they’ve also made getting fired easier.  Let’s all remember to use the internet in ways that can reach out to others for the better and take Midkiff’s advice by posting things we can be proud of owning up to.

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