Five Leadership Lessons from James T. Kirk

Posted on March 4, 2012

     A fantastic article in Forbes, titled, “Five Leadership Lessons from James T. Kirk” allows us to see the amazing things we can learn from the Enterprise captain in Star Trek.  Below are some quotes that I found key to being a good leader.

“Sure, you might never have to face down a reptilian alien on a desert planet, but you never know what the future holds.  Knowledge is your best key to overcoming whatever obstacles are in your way.”

“Weak leaders surround themselves with yes men who are afraid to argue with them….Organizations that allow for differences of opinion are better at developing innovation, better at solving problems, and better at avoiding groupthink.  We all need a McCoy and a Spock in our lives and organizations.”

“A far better analogy to strategy is poker, not chess.  Life is a game of probabilities, not defined rules.  And often understanding your opponents is a much greater advantage than the cards you have in your hand.  Playing the strategy with an eye to the psychology of our competitors, not just the rules and circumstances of the game can often lead to better outcomes than following the rigid lines of chess.”

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