5 Reasons You Need to Meet In Person

Posted on March 30, 2012

     Rene Shimada Siegel’s article for INC., goes through the top 5 benefits of meeting in person with clients.  Listed they are: 1) You’re off the record 2) Make use of not-so-small talk 3) Make an impression 4) Read the body language and 5) Learn where the action is.  She’s definitely makes good points.  I agree with her especially on #4.  You can tell a lot about a client by their body language and understand better their personalities and ideals.  At Areyvut, we meet with teenagers and their families to better help them find a chesed organization they can donate money or time to.  Meeting over the phone or by email is not the better option and we gladly meet with teens to talk over their interests and options in order to select a volunteering position that fits both their interests and their personality.  Getting a better feel for who they are is crucial.  If you’re interested in meeting with us about your child doing chesed and giving tzedakah and would like our help, please email us at info@areyvut.org.

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