Using Technology in the Classroom

Posted on January 17, 2012

     Deborah Fishman in her article titled, “Heard Around NAJDS: Today’s Inspired Jewish Ideas,” goes on to explain several ways in which “cool technology” can be utilized in the classroom.  Not only are the suggestions useful and exciting, but they are free to use as well.  One suggestion for technology in the classroom is Wordle which enables you to “visually represent the relative frequency…of different ideas” and words that are used in whatever text you choose to enter (which can be from your mission statement or elsewhere).  Another interesting tool for the classroom is TodaysMeet which enables listeners during a lecture to login to a chat-room-like forum and write anything about the presentation or ask questions.  This is a great tool for getting the feedback of your audience and tailoring your lecture accordingly.  With today’s technology, connecting the people we work with just got easier and more effective!

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