Each Family Has a Mission in the World

Posted on January 5, 2012

     I receive an email titled “Torah Topics for Today” which relate to the parsha.  In today’s email was the idea that each family has a mission statement.  Upon reading this article I found myself thinking that teen philanthropies have mission statements but how many families actually have one?  Has anyone done this?  I agree with the author, who writes that, “With reflection, you could probably write a mission statement for your family.  For example, parents might work toward their children growing up to be secure, contributing members of society, ensuring that they have compassion for others and do good in the world.”  We all have hopes and dreams for the future and working together through volunteering and voicing those hopes, with one’s family, is not only worth doing, but can lead to further chesed and tikkun olam together as a family.  When parents show their children that they care about helping the people in their community and world, it opens their childrens’ eyes to the world of chesed, tzedakah, and philanthropy which can expand over the years and lead to giving more of themselves by way of money and service.  At Areyvut we believe in the power of young adults and this email couldn’t have been more in-tune with that.  May we all believe in the power of our families and the notion that working together can accomplish endless amounts of good in this world.

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