Volunteering – A Great Way to Learn Real Executive Leadership

Posted on December 29, 2011

     “Volunteering in nonprofits isn’t just a charitable act; it’s a way for executives to hone their management and leadership skills,” write Karl Moore and Richard Pound in their article.  Leadership skills like persuasion, mediation, “and knowing when to spur a team to action” or not, can be learned hands-on when young professionals are put into volunteering positions where they oversee a group and work closely with others.  This is a great learning opportunity that can only be required hands-on.  When professionals volunteer, another important aspect is that it allows the younger professionals to see their boss also taking hands-on service seriously.  “Senior, financially secure executives who donate their time and energy with enthusiasm are role models for younger executives.”  This article raises valid points that show just how beneficial volunteering can be for young managers in the business world.  Volunteering not only makes a difference to those in our communities, but also helps us in our own interpersonal relationships and allows for a greater understanding of one another’s backgrounds and opinions.  The benefits of volunteering are truly endless and we love working with a variety of people for hands-on projects.  If you are a young professional who reads this article and is inspired to volunteer, please contact us at info@areyvut.org.  We’d be honored to work with you and help out side-by-side in making this world a more perfect place. 

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