Engaging Your Network

Posted on December 7, 2011

     Social media is crucial to reaching out to your audience and potential volunteers for your organization.  Deborah Fishman, in her article, writes that a Jewish organization “would do well to focus in on two practically-oriented questions: 1) What do you want your network to achieve? 2) How can your ideal candidate for engagement concretely contribute toward that achievement?”  At Areyvut we utilize this blog as well as Twitter in order to reach out to our fellow Jews which makes ourselves accessible to our fellow Jews and them to us.  Thanks to social media today, we are able to do even more mitzvot than ever before by getting the word out about events and chesed opportunities in and around our area.  Becoming engaged with our Twitter followers and Facebook members is a great way to welcome people into our world of chesed.  After all, at Areyvut we firmly believe in the capabilities of our Jewish youth and eagerly look forward to working with them as well as their families.

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