Engaging Teens Through a Jewish Service Corps

Posted on December 28, 2011

     The Jewish Week released an article which discusses how to engage teens through service to their communities and the Jewish community at large.  The author of the article, Leonard Saxe, poses the idea that there could be a post-high school gap-year program where they “participate in a socially useful project.”  “Ideally, the culminating program should include travel and study components and link Jewish youth from communities across North America with those in Israel and elsewhere.  The goal is to make it a major inflection point in the lives of adolescents, as significant as the bar and bat mitzvah.”  The hope would be to create a program that is so exciting and well-received by teens and parents alike, that it becomes a necessity for teens nationwide.  

     One reason we at Areyvut help celebrants and their families with mitzvah projects, is to engage them and ignite in them a passion for chesed, tzedakah, and tikkun olam.  We think that Saxe’s idea is a great one and look forward on working to bringing an idea such as this to fruition by enabling our teens with the proper tools to serve our community.
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