“Contemplation” in an Organization

Posted on October 5, 2011

     I just read an article written by Stephen G. Donshik titled “U’Netaneh Tokef for Nonprofits.”  This is the perfect time to be thinking about the high holiday services and about how our work both as individuals and as nonprofits can continue to thrive and make strides.  The article brings the line “Repentance, Prayer, and Charity, we can change the evil of the decree” to explain how the new phrase for Jewish communal agencies can read, “But Self-Study, Contemplation and Re-direction Increase the Chances for Success.”  Donshik goes on to write about how “Contemplation” refers to the organization’s “ani ma’amin,” or “I believe” statement about the purpose and values of the organization.  It is important to keep sight of the reason the organization exists and what it was founded upon.  Keeping sight of the goal and contemplating the values that the work of the organization upholds will make for a stronger organization which is aware of its own strengths and weaknesses and which can address both to maintain or build a strong nonprofit.  This article comes at a time of personal reflection and contemplation when we take account of all we have done and aimed to do and think of ways in which we can better ourselves. Nonprofits, working for the benefit of the people, can also take the time to do some reflecting and contemplating (and what better time than the present?) which will enable various accomplishments in the coming days and years ahead.

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