5 Lies to Stop Telling Your Donors

Posted on October 12, 2011

     In a fantastic article, Nell Edgington highlights the “5 Lies to Stop Telling Your Donors” which I think we can all benefit from reading.  “We need to stop telling funders what they want to hear and then cursing them behind their backs when they set unrealistic expectations.  Funders must be made to understand the harsh realities of the nonprofit sector if they are ever to be expected to help bring change.”  Listed below are the 5 lies to stop telling your donors.  Head on over to the article (link above) to read more about each one!

1) X% of your donation goes to the program
2) We can do the same program with less money
3) We can start a new program that doesn’t fit with our mission or strategy
4) We can grow without additional staff or other resources
5) 100% of our board is committed to our organization

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