Working Together for Jewish Education

Posted on September 30, 2011

     I just read an article titled, “Re-Inventing Jewish Education: Reconfiguring a Fractured Landscape” by Adam Gaynor.  In it he talks about his friend who, in order for his children to have “a deeper educational engagement…at a more affordable price-tag,” hired a rabbinic student to teach them classes and engage them in discussion.  Gaynor clearly addresses the problem in Jewish education stating that “no matter how innovative the philosophy, pedagogy, or practice of Jewish education, no single institution can serve the whole person.”  Gaynor cites an article that he himself read prior written by Jonathan Woocher and titled “Reinventing Jewish Education.”  Woocher “advocates a holistic, learner-centered approach” which benefits our children the students.  He talks about the need for organizations to “collaborate with others on community needs-assessments, long-term strategic visioning exercises” and this working together I think will positively benefit the decisions made to benefit our children.  Let’s all work together so that there can be no great divides keeping each helpful resource we have to offer apart.  Let us band together and create a better future for our children.

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