The Freedom in Unrestricted Funding

Posted on September 6, 2011

     “Just Give ‘Em the Money: The Power and Pleasure of Unrestricted Funding,” an article by Kevin Starr, highlights the benefits of unrestricted funding.  I’ve always been a big fan of unrestricted funding, myself.  It gives people free reign on where the money is going and how it should be dealt with appropriately.

“Why not simply invest – fund – on the basis of return in the form of impact?  Isn’t that the point?…What is important is the impact per donor dollar: the cost per child’s life saved, per family out of poverty, per island species saved from extinction.  If we like that number – if we think they are cost effective in terms of impact – we don’t have to get worked up about overhead coasts or whether employees fly business class now and again.”

   Check out the article (linked above), and read about the goodness of doing good with unrestricted funding!

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