Employees Given the Opportunity to Give

Posted on September 18, 2011

     Employees of a Maryland foundation were given money to grant to the organizations of their choice.  I read about this in an article from The Chronicle of Philanthropy titled “Grant Making Gets Personal for Employees of a Md. Foundation” written by Brennen Jensen.  Mr. Weinberg, of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation said, “If you are a receptionist and your day-to-day role is answering the phone and doing certain paperwork, you can get lost in those details…But if you have an opportunity to research and select a grant, then what you are doing is very much the same thing as the program directors and trustees.  You can see the bigger picture of what the foundation is all about and how your daily duties fit in to the overall goal.”  I think it’s very important that the staff of an organization be involved in the gift-giving process and if they are researching and visiting these places on-site, that’s even better.  As Ms. Hunn states in the article, “It’s a wonderful benefit for all of us…I don’t know that I could afford to personally give $10,000.”  It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to give $10,000 to an organization one is passionate about, and with this company that opportunity that one may not normally have is available.  I’m so happy to see organizations allowing their employees to dive-in and help, and it shows also that these organizations care about their employees.  We at Areyvut applaud their efforts as they set a shining example for the rest of us.

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