BBYO’s Vision and Estee Portnoy

Posted on September 22, 2011

     In an article titled, “Estee Portnoy wants BBYO to be like Mike”, Suzanne Kurtz writes about the Jewish Estee Portnoy who is Michael Jordan’s business manager and spokeswoman.  In the article Estee Portnoy talks about her experiences with BBYO and the benefit of having a Jewish youth group to call her own.  She says that “BBYO was all that [she] had to connect [her] with the [Jewish] community” and even went on to become a regional president of the BBYO in her area.  Portnoy encourages her children to get involved with BBYO that’s fun and based on Jewish values simultaneously.  Kurtz writes that “by being part of the teen-led movement –even serving as regional president — Portnoy says she gained invaluable leadership skills and business savvy” and now she’s at the top of her game (and Michael’s).  BBYO “hopes to continue to reverse the trend of Jewish teens dropping out of Jewish life after their bar or bat mitzvahs” which is an extremely serious and important goal.  They have a “new strategic plan…[and] updated logo” with which they hope to reach out to Jewish youth.  This is an admirable mission that BBYO has embarked upon and we stand by it 100% and will do our part as well in ensuring the continuity of the Jewish community.

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