The Internet Enables an 11 Year Old to Build a Library in Africa

Posted on August 1, 2011

     Elizabeth Stuart’s article, “Pennies for change: Internet opens door for new breed of philanthropists,” speaks of an 11 year old boy named Park Begley who wanted to build a library in Africa and did so with his use of the internet.  The article discusses how the internet is a great way to raise money for organizations and causes that require funding by reaching out to millions of people and the various networks that friends of friends create.  A person does not need to know millionaires to raise lots of money.  As SaraJoy Pond, the founder of said, “I don’t have a half a million dollars…I don’t know anyone with a half a million dollars.  But, I realized, I am connected to a half a million people with $1.”  This article shows us the power of social media and the internet which can be harnessed raise money and the willpower of a young boy to make his big dream into a reality.

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