Funding Innovation: What Will It Take to Grow Impact?

Posted on August 28, 2011

     Adene Sacks writes that, “Innovation is core to the Jewish enterprise.  It is not a new phenomenon but it is essential to our ability to reflect and encourage the vibrancy of our community.”  I completely agree with this stance, recognizing that without new ideas and creativity, passion and programming declines greatly.  The key to a successful organization is a staff that is creative and ready for new projects.  Sacks goes on, pointing out that, “Given today’s economic realities, coupled with the immense richness of ideas embedded in current innovative Jewish enterprise, it feels particularly important that funders collaborate and foster the growth of innovative enterprise – and ultimately the growth of impact.”  The argument that fostering the “growth of innovative enterprise” ultimately fosters “the growth of impact” is an important point.  All organizations want to make an impact on the people they serve and be effective in their work, yet I wonder how many organizations would agree with Aden Sacks’ statement that the way to be more effective and impactful is to be innovative.  I personally agree with “fostering the growth of innovative enterprise” in order to further the growth of impact of Areyvut.  I speak for all of us when I say that we look forward to working with our innovative board members, interns, and volunteers presently and in the future to ensure that we are at our best when we go forward to create change and repair the world one chesed at a time. 

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