The 10 Commandments: A Child Friendly Version

Posted on June 7, 2011

In preparation for Shavuot I recently read No Rules For Michael to my children. We received the book from The PJ Library which is a project of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that provides thousands of free books to Jewish children throughout the country. In the back of the book it provides a child friendly version of the Esseret HaDibrot or 10 Commandments. I want to share their child friendly version as we spend the next few days eating cheesecake, recommitting ourselves to Torah and instilling Jewish values with our families.

  1. There is only one God.
  2. God is so amazing that no one can draw a picture or make anything that looks like God.
  3. God’s name is very special and should be said with great care.
  4. Shabbat is the most special day of the week- a day to rest and enjoy the world around us.
  5. Honor and listen to your parents.
  6. Life is precious. Do not hit or hurt anyone.
  7. Married people should respect each other.
  8. Do not take anything that doesn’t belong to you.
  9. Always tell the truth. Do not tell lies.
  10. Be happy with what you have. Don’t be jealous of other people or what they have.
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