Get What You Give

Posted on May 17, 2011

     In the beginning of an article in Geico Now (the spring/summer 2011 issue), is a story about a woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis who decides to give to others rather than resort to hopelessness (visit her site at  The article goes on to discuss the benefits of giving and how giving back can also help oneself.  “Donating money, stuff or time won’t cramp your lifestyle, it will improve it,”  Chris Tyler writes.  And he goes on to write that, “A nifty byproduct of giving: It not only helps others, but it can also help you on your tax return.  That is, if you’re donating to a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS.”  The Geico Now article gave useful suggestions such as keeping records and receipts, and writing down the fair market value of each item you donate.  Also, “If you have an investment portfolio, you may be able to avoid tax on capital gains – and give yourself a healthy deduction to boot.”  But what I also enjoyed about the article is that it emphasized that if you do not have money to donate, you can poll it with others and maximize your impact at  With no money there is still so much that can be donated!  There is always expertise, skill, and time to be donated.  “And the more time you have, the more good you can do for others.”  May we all give with what we have and always remember that “We all have resources that are of value to others…It’s about how much of yourself you’re willing to share.”

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