Mayor Mike is a Mentch

Posted on March 25, 2011

I know that many people were or are still upset with Mayor Michael Bloomberg about how he handled snow removal this past winter, the new chancellor for the board of education and many other issues. However, I believe that Major Bloomberg is really a mentch. Please allow me to explain why. A while back on behalf of Areyvut I sent letters requesting support to some of the leading Jewish philanthropists in the country, many of whom have signed The Giving Pledge. A representative of Major Bloomberg’s foundation called me shortly after receiving my letter to say that at this time they are not accepting unsolicited proposals and therefore they could not support Areyvut. Who does this? There are many individuals and foundations that I am still waiting to hear back from several weeks or months later. I believe that the way Mayor Bloomberg’s foundation deals with agencies requesting support- or at least the way they dealt with Areyvut– is above what is expected and shows that even if they cannot support you they still value you, your time and appreciate contribution to the community. It is a lesson that I hope others will follow.

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