Text Study on Isaiah 58: 7-8

Posted on February 10, 2011

We are excited about the Jewish Communal Fund and J-Teen Leadership Tzedakah Summit on Poverty & Hunger this Sunday. As part of the program Areyvut will be leading a text study for teens and parents. Below is one of the texts that we will be using and questions to consider.

Isaiah 58: 7-8
Share your bread with the hungry and bring the desperately poor into your house, cloth the naked when you see him, and do not hide yourself from your own flesh. Then your light will burst forth like the dawn, and your healing will spring up quickly. Your righteousness will precede you, and God’s Glory will follow you.

Questions to Consider

  • When you see people in need what is your initial response?
  • The text suggests immediate action to address the situation. Do you think this is to be taken literally? For example, when you see someone with holes in their shoes should buy them a new pair or give them money for a new pair?
  • Is there a difference between giving money and giving things (such as bread, shelter and clothing)?
  • Is there a difference between giving things and doing kind actions (such as cooking at the soup kitchen, building a home or sewing clothing)?
  • Do you think that helping those in need will provide you with the feelings and reward that the text describes?

Areyvut is happy to bring our energy, expertise and excitement and present at your seminar, training or program.

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