What’s In the Mail?

Posted on January 5, 2011

As you know Areyvut is based in Bergenfield, NJ. You may be wondering about Areyvut’s impact, reach and how we make a difference on a daily basis. Below are direct quotes from e-mails and correspondence we received within the last two days. These unsolicited e-mails come from throughout the country and address how our programs, resources and initiatives impact people like you. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how Areyvut impacts you.

Mitzvah Clowning

Joshua is having such a great time doing this tremendous mitzvah (Mitzvah Clowning) with you and your organization.

Joseph O., White Plains, NY

A Kindness a Day Calendar

Thanks! I found you all when I googled ‘culture of kindness’ . What you are doing is exactly what I am looking for – a way to wed Jewish values and texts to the need to articulate a clear school-wide culture of kindness/chesed.

I will look forward to receiving the e-mails and to looking at the texts and other resources on your site, in more depth.


Deborah E.B., Portland, OR


I wanted to invite you back to do a program for our 6th graders and their parents – very similar to what you did for our 8th/9th graders would be great – we thought it was terrific and are still using pieces of what you did/said as connective points in our curriculum….

Anne B.W., Princeton Junction, NJ

Bnai Mitzvah

I did want to thank you for your fabulous work motivating kids with their mitzvah projects.

Juleen L., Lafayette, CA


I really enjoyed reading this. Such good advice. Thanks for sharing it, and Happy New Year!

Pamme B.

I was browsing your site earlier. You really have a lot going on. Kol HaKavod! It is too bad important projects like Areyvut don’t get the recognition they deserve.
Eric W., Israel

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