Suggested Ways to Use Jewish Wisdom in Jewish Teen Philanthropy Programs Continued

Posted on January 12, 2011

This will be my final time sharing some of the ideas and resources that I will present this Thursday in my lunch and learn for JTFN on “Beyond Rambam’s Ladder: Incorporating Jewish Wisdom in Jewish Teen Philanthropy Programs” and all of the material I present will be available here and I once again invite you to join me and as always welcome your feedback.

Please note that there are many ways to teach and illustrate Jewish values and texts. You should be creative and find the approach that best works for you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Ad- Have the participants create an ad to promote a text or to illustrate a concept the text makes.
  • Art Project- Be creative and use art (anything goes) to explain how you view and understand a text.
  • Blog- Assign a participant to blog at each session about how what they discussed, learned and how it relates to their Judaism and understanding of philanthropy.
  • Collage- Make a collage of pictures that illustrate a particular text or concept.
  • Music- Encourage participants to connect songs to these values and messages. Whether it by singing, listening or even writing their own song inspired by a source of their experience.
  • Pictures- Invite participants to take pictures of anything they see that illustrates one of the values or sources in action. Have them show them to you and where appropriate have them share them with the group and display their work when deliberating about which agencies to support and at the banquet.
  • Play or Paper Bag Dramatics- Put on a play or have them play paper bag dramatics to highlight and illustrate a specific concept or source. You can provide them with a list of words that they need to use.
  • Slideshow- Participants can put together a slideshow of pictures that relate to the sources and causes you address.
  • Video- They can take a quote or text and ask people in the community what they think it means and put together a video of the responses and what they learned from the experience.

If you utilize these elements you will have a great deal of very cool participant generated content that you can utilize at the banquet, for recruitment, development, etc.

I request that when implementing these activities and utilizing these materials to please include appropriate recognition.

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