Philanthropy Buzzwords of 2011

Posted on January 2, 2011

     Lucy Bernholz gives us the top 10 “Philanthropy Buzzwords of 2011” in her fun and intelligent article detailing a run-down of this year’s trends in the non-profit world.  From “collective impact” to the Twitter hashtag (#), Bernholz recaps this year and reminds us what can be helpful about the items she lists.  Areyvut  may not put a hashtag at the end of every sentence like many Twitter fans, but we do proudly use our Twitter account on a daily basis to reach our volunteers, interns, board members, and people interested in doing chesed giving ideas for daily chesed opportunities and upcoming Areyvut events.  You can follow Areyvut’s Twitter page here for the latest in chesed ideas and events in your area!

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