I’ll Share Your Load…If You Just Call Me

Posted on December 23, 2010

Here is a scenario that you can address with your students or children.

Middot in Action – Checking in on friends

Henry’s dad drove him to school late this morning. They both went to visit Henry’s dog, Kelev, at the veterinarian earlier in the morning. Kelev is sick and has to have an operation and Henry is very worried.

When Henry got to school, his best friend, Michael went up to him. Michael could tell that Henry was upset about something, but didn’t know what. He asked Henry how he was doing and Henry said “fine”. Even though Michael could tell that something was wrong he just walked away.

Did Michael perform the middah of nosay b’ol im chaveiro or carrying your friend’s burden? Why or why not?

Could things have turned out differently if Henry would have admitted there was a problem?

If Michael saw that Henry was upset, was it right to leave him alone?

Could Michael have said something else to maybe get Henry to share what was on his mind and help him out?

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