All a Twitter

Posted on December 29, 2010

In case anyone is keeping track, Areyvut is currently up to 997 Tweets on Twitter.  This means that if we just had our automated “A Kindness a Day” Tweets continue, we would hit the big 1,000 mark on January 1st.  Sort of anticlimactic for us, since we won’t be around to marvel at the 1,000th Tweet, but still an accomplishment nonetheless.  I find that Areyvut having a Twitter account can provide me with hours of fun at the office.  I can check Tweets from now until the end of the time.

Case in point, today, 9:15am – 10:15am.  We received 49 Tweets that hour from a variety of different sources.  Sometimes I wonder just who has enough time to read all of these Tweets and then I realized, it’s people like me.  In that hour I learned the following:

looktothestars – Eliza Dushku Launches Charity Birthday Challenge
eJPhil – 2010 Concludes With 16% Increase in #Aliyah; thanks @JewishAgency
thirdagetimes – The Empire Strikes Back Named US Cultural Icon

While none of these may be earth shattering bits of information, these are the items that made me stop and think…and in some cases even click on the links to learn more.  I can only hope that our 1,000th Tweet, in addition to all the others we send out have the same effect on someone too.  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2011!

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