2010 Jewish Community Hero Award Winner, Jay Feinberg

Posted on November 9, 2010

I am thrilled to be able to congratulate Jay Feinberg who received the 2010 Jewish Community Hero Award Winner at the General Assembly. You can see an interview with Jay and the Fundermentalist from the GA.

Jay started Gift of Life to increase the number of Jews in the national bone marrow registry. He has succeeded and you can help him do even more. They have saved over 2100 lives and added thousands to the national registry. If you are not yet in the registry I encourage you to get tested and to make sure to do a drive in your community. As I have said before I believe that as a community we should be doing drives at events like dinners, wedding and conferences. Seven years ago my family held a drive at our daughter’s Simchat Bat. Please reach out to Gift of Life today and ask them how you can help.

I am proud that Areyvut has helped raise awareness about Gift of Life, we have worked with them on many chesed and Bnai Mitzvah programs and look forward to working with Jay and his wonderful team for many years to come.

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