11,000,000 Thanks

Posted on November 5, 2010

Like most people I’ve often dreamt about winning the lottery. Though don’t play that often (usually, only when the jackpot is over $100 million), I do believe that perhaps one day I could win, and when I do, I will have my plan of attack ready. Note: The following is in no particular order.

  • Repay Mom and Dad. Sure, they’ve spent money on me…not a lottery amount of money, but still, they’d get a nice chunk of it.
  • Pay back my student loans. Thanks to the Student Loan People (yes, that’s the actual name), I am reminded that I went to grad school and an expensive one at that each month. Though I’m not scheduled to be done with repaying my loans until I’m about 73.5 years old, this would be a great way to speed up that process.
  • Spend some money on the family. Don’t go crazy long lost cousin who’s 17 times removed…I don’t mean you. I’d splurge and take my sisters (and even their husbands and children) on a trip and make sure to set up educational funds for all the nieces and nephews. As a product of the 80’s I learned early on that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.
  • Donate. For years I have had a list for this exact purpose. Just in case I win the lottery I have a few places written down that I intend on giving gifts to.

Why do I bring up the lottery at all this week? Perhaps because of two people, Allen and Violet Large, Canadians (but I won’t hold that against them) and recent lottery winners. Over the summer they won roughly $11 million in the Canadian lottery and donated all but 2% of their winnings. What’s even more incredible is that 78 year old Violet was fighting cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the time of their win. Allen and Violet came up with a list of organizations that could be helped with their financial support…the list was two pages long and they started giving their money away. The 2% they saved “for a rainy day” they say will come in handy once Violet regains her strength after her most recent treatment. Learn more about the story or watch a brief clip.

If only everyone could look outside themselves to realize the impact they can have on others. Allen and Violet are truly an example for all. Congratulations on your win and wishing you both good health and happiness (the two things they say money can’t buy).

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