Summer 2010: A Look Back

Posted on August 13, 2010

This summer, I have have been lucky enough to come in contact with some remarkable people, thanks to the Areyvut Summer Internship Program. I admit that I used to think that the participants in the 2009 internship program were the best (sorry to any of you reading this)…but (and not that this is a competition), this year’s group blew them out of the water.

A look back, if you will…

Mollie – The first of the interns to sign on for the gig. She was born in Oklahoma, lived in Wyoming and went to school in Minnesota (or was it Montana?). To put it mildly, Mollie is awesome! If “Make a Difference” Day is anything this year and if Mitzvah Clowning comes to fruition in the Twin Cities…it’s all because of Mollie.

Aliza C. – Aliza and I became close, if for no other reason than having our desks in close proximity to one another. She sent out letters like nobody’s business…and got results…’nuff said.

Becky – There are so many reasons to love Becky. She came dressed in blue everyday to make sure she was always in her team color. More importantly, there was never a task that scared her, or one that she thought she couldn’t handle. She also never complained about anything…incredible!

Ilana – Where to begin? From the start, I knew Ilana would be trouble and then my fears came true the day she told us that her parents would never help us. A constant jokester, she worked diligently on the “A Kindness a Day” Calendar and literally would not have the internship end until the last entry was complete. Now that’s commitment!

Hannah – Let’s start with the obvious…her name is a palindrome and that’s pretty cool. As the only high school student to join us this summer, Hannah had some big shoes to fill. It didn’t matter what was going on around her, Hannah was always concentrating on her task at hand…a great talent I wish I had.

Aliza R. – Known sometimes as “The Other Aliza” (which I don’t think she liked too much), Aliza took on the daunting task of program write-ups and letter writing. For someone who claims that she’s “not a writer”, Aliza certainly fooled us.

Elisheva – Elisheva returned to the internship after joining us in the summer of 2009. She’s always happy to take on any task and often brought comedy and lightheartedness to the office. There was never a dull moment when she was around.

Though the internship is nearly over and I think nothing can top it…I’m hopeful that next year’s crop of interns will prove me wrong (or that this group will come back). 🙂

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