Further Musings From an Intern

Posted on July 8, 2010

Though I do adore summer for being a time of no school, I must admit the oppressive heat we’ve had as of late has not been to my taste. To quote Queen Victoria, “We are not amused.” I’m not quite sure I really have a right to complain about the heat seeing as I spend most of my day in temperature controlled environments, like the Areyvut office.
What isn’t controlled, however, is the temperature outside. And outside is where I spend my lunch breaks. In the office, we kind of pretend as if we’re outside more often than we actually are. For instance, all of the desks are stocked with multiple water guns for all-out-water-wars. If one heard about the office colour war, they might think water fights would be a part of it. That would be wrong though. In our colour war, we all seem to be on Team Blue. Sometimes someone loses or gains “blue” status for a few hours depending on who is in or out of the office. But when it comes down to it, we’re all a team in the office…cue the sappy/inspirational music.

This past weekend, all of the office interns were invited to a Shabbaton hosted by the Rothner’s. Sharon was invited as well, but instead of coming herself sent a picture of herself to be taped to the wall. At this Shabbaton I learned a few things:
1)If everybody is a winner, then nobody is a winner (though this statement has been rescinded.)
2)Sharon secretly wishes she had blonde hair and polka dot dresses to wear.
3) College students enjoy children’s stories as much as children do.
4)A game of Family Feud with questions about Daniel that has the interns versus Daniel’s family is an interesting game to participate in.

One thing that happened over the weekend was the movie TiMER being recommended to me. Deja-vualy enough, someone else invited me over to watch the movie the very next day. After that however, we watched several other things. I don’t remember in which movie or tv show, but in something that I watched someone said, “It’s not the power of the curse- it’s the power you give the curse.” I think this is important to keep in mind all the time, I’m probably giving the curse that is the atrocious weather too much power. But there is something that I learned earlier this week you definitely shouldn’t give any power to. This week, Zeesy Grossbaum, the head of the local Friendship Circle, told us about her work with kids and teens who are developmentally disabled. Even though people might think there’s nothing they can do to help those with special needs, there really is so much you can do. Zeesy and those who volunteer with her don’t give the “curse” any power. Refusing to give any ‘curse’ in your life any power is really a fairly powerful idea to keep in mind. Try it. I dare you to.

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