Even Further Musings From an Intern

Posted on July 15, 2010

Just five weeks ago, my summer working at Areyvut began. Just five weeks ago, I gave up sitting around on a bean bag chair with my laptop all day for sitting around on a swivel chair with a computer all day. Similar seats and similar tools being used and similar yet totally different experiences. “What?!” you proclaim. “This intern is crazy! How can two experiences be totally different yet similar?” Well, if I were at home, there would have been quite a bit of TV and movie watching. In the office though, I’m the one making the movies. At home, I would be reading books for my own pleasure. In the office, I read letters and articles for editing purposes. At home, I would be writing for that novel I say I’m writing (and by this I mean I have about 30 different sets of first chapters in novels- my ideas for those never go anywhere). Here in the office, I write letters and articles.

Though the actions themselves are similar, the important part- the purpose and result of my actions, are totally different depending on where the actions are done. Similar, yet totally different. My actions while working in Areyvut everyday have me passionately persevering for a purpose. Oh dear- I thought that might sound cool with the three ‘p’ words like that, but it really actually sounds a bit ridiculous. Oh well, such is life. But back to the actual topic at hand, I’m not saying I’m never passionate about things when I’m not at Areyvut, that I never fight to get something that I want done or that I find myself purposeless. In fact, I don’t think anyone is like that.

There seem to be two different types of people- those who think they’re nothing special and those arrogant individuals who think they’re awesome. But no one is really like that. The real two types of individuals are those who think they’re ordinary and those who have realized that nobody is ordinary. Everyone has within them the power to change the world-for better or for worse. Being in an environment like Areyvut, an environment where everyone has realized the power they hold, is really something. And now, because I want another try with the awful alliteration: gregarious groups of great gracious people are purposefully and positively powerful. So just remember that dear readers- you are all a totally ridiculous alliterated sentence.

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