Sharon – 1, Daniel – 0

Posted on April 16, 2010

It’s about 11:30am (EST) and Daniel and I are both in the Areyvut office today. Having completed the most important things that had to get done today (an agenda for H.O.P.E., a letter to past donors, etc.) I thought I would check out the blog to see what Daniel blogged about this week. To my shock and surprise, I found my “Meetings…Meetings…Meetings” blog at the top of the heap and words of wisdom from Daniel were not to be found.

As is the custom in this office, Daniel and I often find ourselves “giving out points”. Whether I earning a metaphorical gold star for handling a difficult (not that we ever have any) phone call, getting 10 points for getting the right answer on a trivia question, or earning $1.00 for being able to decode a voicemail message, Daniel and I take this point system very seriously. I am therefore certain that it will come as no surprise to you that I was thrilled that I had scored yet another point (at least in my own mind) that I blogged and he did not.

When he gets the chance, I am sure Daniel will detail to you the reason behind his lack of blogging this week (and to think, he gave me a slight guilt trip about blogging on Tuesdays, his “resource day”). In fact, I have no doubt that the words of H.O.P.E. (Helping Organizations Provide Essentials), Mitzvah Clowning, summer programming and chesed fair will all be cited as contributing factors to this, his blogless week. Not to be mean, but all I have to say to that is: Sharon – 1, Daniel – 0.
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