Lottery and Karma

Posted on March 26, 2010

As Daniel can tell you, I often check out a website called Happy News. The news they share on this website isn’t usually earth shattering or of much importance to most people. Nonetheless, I love checking it out the stories are usually inspiring, funny or meaningful…just the kind of thing as an afternoon pick me up.

Earlier this week Daniel and I were talking about fundraising ideas. That day, I happened to check out Happy News and found Renee Green. Upon receiving her $700 tax refund check, she decided to donate the money to the Haitian relief effort. Believing that the people of Haiti were more in need of her money than she was, she thought this was a great idea. The same day she made this large donation ($700) she won $50,000 in the Washington State lottery. When asked why she made the donation, she stated that there are always going to be people who need more than you do, and this was her way of making others lives a little bit easier.

As an employee in the nonprofit world, I can only hope that more people look at Renee’s example and act on it. Though the reward no doubt was a welcome surprise, sometimes the best rewards in life are free…making a donation to the organization of your choice (hopefully Areyvut…check out our “Don’t just count the days, let the days count.” initiative may put a slight dent in your pocket, but the feeling of having done something worthwhile for an important cause is priceless.

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