Is It Possible There’s Nothing Left to Blog?

Posted on March 9, 2010

Daniel is out of the office. As is our custom, he sent me an email last night with a variety of things that should get done today. Somewhere in that email there is always the suggestion to write for the blog. Perhaps a subtle hint that I shirk my responsibilities in this area.

Having finished most of the other tasks of the day (including securing a location for a Mitzvah Clown visit later this week…no small feat), I thought I would take a crack at the blog I so often ignore. There were a bunch of ideas that popped into my head…blogging about our amazing interns from the Sinai Schools, writing about my day and sharing about the craziness that is the Disney Give a Day Get a Disney Day program. Each seemed like a better idea than the next, until I realized that I had already written about each of them.

I sat in my chair for the next half hour staring at a blank computer screen and came to the realization that there is literally nothing else I can write about. There is nothing (at least at this point) I can tell you that I haven’t already, so I will take this opportunity to give you a few helpful reminders:

  1. Please register for “Make a Difference” Day. It’s coming up this weekend! We’re psyched and we want you to be included.
  2. We think our interns are awesome! We want you to join the team! Apply to be an Areyvut Summer Intern today!
  3. The Disney Give a Day Get a Disney Day program is really cool (as long as you don’t run into any problems or build in an additional hour to your work day each day to deal with problems that inevitably arise). This will probably be the last week for people to register, so if you’re interested, find a project and get going!

If I think of anything else to blog in the near future, I’ll be sure to let you know…but, at the very least I’ll be sure to blog the next time Daniel is out.

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