Please Stay on the Line…You Will Be Helped by the Next Available Agent

Posted on February 8, 2010

Let me first say, that sometimes it’s sort of rough working in such a small office. There’s nowhere to hide when the phone rings. When Daniel and I are in the office, there is no concept of having a secretary take a message…we always take the calls as they come in, even if they are at inconvenient times. I suppose this could be viewed as a good thing since very few messages get botched.

Over the past few weeks I feel as though I have been in a constant state of anger and frustration with my phone, if for no other reason than it is the portal to the Disney Give a Day Get a Disney Day Promotion. Well, more accurately, it’s the way in which I am supposed to be able to speak with a human who can resolve my problems quickly and efficiently. It seems as though this would be the greatest possible thing ever, until you realize that you have been sitting on hold for literally 17 minutes and 19 seconds and no one has picked up yet. The good news is, much as I have never considered myself a multitasker, I find that I am pretty good at typing for this blog and listening to Disney instrumental music at the same time. (Note: Apparently I have spoken too soon, as my phone is now playing the “It’s a Small World” song with words, resulting in my typing that much slower and having to delete words occasionally, especially when I realize that I am typing out the words to the song.)

Nonetheless, I sit here, now well into minute 20 hoping with the hope that maybe I really am the next caller. What’s even more frustrating is the fact that I’m calling for completely altruistic reasons (you’d think they’d bump me up in the line). I merely want to find out if kids participating in the Give a Day Get a Disney Day Program with Areyvut (at the “Make a Difference” Day program in Jacksonville, Fl – Thanks E.H.!) can attend the program and get credit without a parent. I just want to make sure these kids get credit and can go to Disney after their day of service.

Seeing as how I am now into my 23rd minute, I will take this opportunity to remind all those in the Bergen County area that Areyvut will be hosting a food drive on Feb. 16th. All donations are appreciated. We will be accepting donations on Feb. 10 from 9am – 5pm, Feb. 12 from 9am – 1pm and Feb. 16 from 10am – 2pm. Please contribute…and if anyone has a direct line to a Disney “Cast Member” who can help me with my question, please pass it along…25 minutes 16 seconds and counting…my question was answered before minute 29 struck, and Adam (my Disney helper) wished me a “Magical Day”…waiting on the phone may have been worth it.
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