Nutrition Service-Learning Plan

Posted on February 2, 2010

Health, fitness and childhood obesity are important current topics. Many schools and agencies are focusing on addressing nutrition, how students can eat healthier and related issues. I am pleased to present this Service-Learning Plan on Nutrition and hope that it enables you to incorporate this timely issue into your curriculum and classroom. Please feel free to adapt and modify to best meet the needs of your students. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Possible Themes
Respecting your body
Healthy living
Appreciating nature
Making good choices
Appreciating healthy food
Acting as if you are created in G-d’s image

Related Curricular Goals
Scientific method
Home economics
Problem solving

Community Needs
People may not have sufficient food
Nutritious food is more expensive than junk food
People may not know which foods are nutritious
People who are sick and elderly may need help obtaining food

Food labels, FDA food pyramid, Chumash

Partnering Agencies: (Name/Contact/Phone/E-mail)
Shelters, food pantry/soup kitchen, restaurants, super markets, synagogues, schools

Resources for Further Research
Books, internet, videos, organizations

Projects Ideas
Food drives, organize a soup kitchen, teach younger students about healthy eating, take people who are elderly to the supermarket, deliver food to those who are sick, create and distribute a nutritious cookbook

Begin the first week of school by choosing a theme and allow 2 weeks to research potential ideas and 2 weeks to contact potential partnering agencies before beginning project.

$100 for classroom supplies, transportation costs, food, publishing, etc.

Additional Considerations
Are volunteers needed to help?
Do parents have related skills that will be helpful?
Does school have permission to take students on trips?
Can other classes be involved?

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