One Thousand Mitzvahs

Posted on January 26, 2010

A while ago, I committed to providing you with a resource on Tuesday’s. In the past we have addressed how to plan a group project, developing a service learning plan and fundraising tips which you can use to help out the victims in Haiti. This week’s resource One Thousand Mitzvahs is a bit different. Linda Cohen’s blog provides readers with a smile, inspiration and practical resources. The blog helps motivate readers to practically make a difference in their life and community. Linda started the blog in January 2007 in memory of her father. She set out to honor his memory by performing 1000 mitzvahs and chronicling them over a two and a half years. Linda continues to blog, teach, motivate, inspire, speak and give. One Thousand Mitzvahs is a great resource and a wonderful way for a child to honor the legacy of a parent. I am glad that Linda has continued beyond her 1000th mitzvah and look forward to continuing reading her blog and to her book.

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