Chanukah Service Learning Plan

Posted on December 7, 2009

As we prepare for Chanukah, I wanted to provide a resource for educators interested in utilizing Service-Learning in their educational program. Below is a Service-Learning Plan that Areyvut developed for Chanukah that can help educators address Chanukah meaningfully in their classrooms.

Possible Themes:
Weak vs. Might Power of One
Adding light to world

Related Curricular Goals:
Jewish history
Jewish culture
Study of God
Biblical stories
Tikkun Olam
Chanukah story

Community Needs:
During winter, people need shelter and/or clothing
People may not have sufficient food
People may not be able to fully participate in the holiday due to financial constraints
Sick and elderly people are often lonely
Fire Safety

Talmud Shabbat 21A, Picture from Frederick Brenner’s Jews in America of Billings, Montana, Chanukah songs, prayers, Adam Sandler’s song

Partnering Agencies: (Name/Contact/Phone/E-mail)
Shelters, food pantry/soup kitchen, restaurants, super markets, hospitals, synagogues, churches, police, firemen

Resources for Further Research:
Books, internet, videos, organizations

Projects Ideas:
Visit a shelter, clothing drive, soup kitchen or food deliveries, toy drive, make toys for kids in hospital, performance for nursing home and/or hospital, safety fair

Begin the week after Succot by choosing theme and contacting potential partnering agencies. Spend 2-3 weeks researching before beginning project.

$100 for classroom supplies, transportation costs, food, publishing, etc.

Additional Considerations:
Are volunteers needed to help?
Do parents have related skills that will be helpful?
Does school have permission to take students on trips?
Can other classes be involved?

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