Bright Dreams, Big World

Posted on December 15, 2009

This activity is adapted from The New Jewish Experiential Book by Ktav.

The goals of this activity are to decide on a group social action project for Israel in a participatory fashion and to give participants a chance to “think out of the box” about one action they might take to improve the world.

  • Briefly discuss the concept of tikkun olam, or repairing the world (as it says in Aleinu).
    Make sure the students understand the basic meaning of this concept before continuing.
  • Divide into small groups and within each group the members should select one plan and consider all the necessary steps to bring it about. You can use the Areyvut Chesed Initiative Form below as a template.
  • Re-assemble.
  • Have 1 person from each group present their plan.
  • The entire group should then choose one plan as a project.

Areyvut Chesed Initiative Form

  1. Name of idea/program
  2. What is the idea/program?
  3. Why is this an important idea, event or program?
  4. Target population: who is this program for? Adults? Teens? Everyone?
  5. When will this program take place?
  6. Is there an alternate site in the event of inclement weather?
  7. Where will the program take place?
  8. Who will run the program?
  9. How will you inform people about it?
  10. What is the goal of your idea, event or program?
  11. How will you evaluate the success of the idea, event or program?
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