What’d She Say?

Posted on October 26, 2009

Each time I fly (and even more so since watching Capt. Sullenberger land a U.S. Airways jet in the Hudson River earlier this year) I always listen intently to and follow the instructions of the flight attendants during their safety announcements. When I sit in an Exit Row, I even take out the safety card from the seat back in front of me to review the information…and to make sure I can remove the door…just in case. I am aware that most people do not have the same flying habits as I do. Any passenger seated next to me is asleep before the flight attendants indicate the emergency lighting on the floor.

Yesterday I found myself listening to the words of a flight attendant while I was sitting at work, behind my desk and with both feet on the ground. Yahoo and ABC News introduced me to Robin Schmidt a Delta Airlines employee. In a time when people are constantly complaining about lost baggage, excess fees and delayed departures, Robin is making a difference on each flight she takes. Robin has been supporting troops overseas with her kind words for the last five years.
Robin brings journals with her on each flight and after her safety announcements encourages the passengers to send a note to soldiers overseas. Over the years Robin has “adopted” 73 soldiers, each of them truly appreciating not only the support, postcards and care packages from Robin, but also the kind wishes and thoughts from those on her flights. Who knew that listening to the flight attendant announcements could be so useful and make such an enormous impact on the lives of others so far away? I encourage everyone to listen to those safety announcements more intently…you never know when Robin could be on your flight.
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