In with the New

Posted on September 9, 2009

Today is Sept. 9th, a day many students will be returning to school for the first time since the start of summer vacation. It is also the day that we welcomed the two newest members of “Team Areyvut” to the office from the Sinai Schools. The Sinai Schools, for those that may not know, is “a uniquely special education”, providing students with special needs classes as well as real world work experiences to enhance their learning and education. This morning we welcomed two students and their teacher, Mr. Sanders.

Having not been familiar with the skill set that each student would be bringing, Daniel and I racked our brains for a few days. Ultimately, we decided that it would be best to have the boys collate, staple and organize our Bnai Mitzvah, “Make a Difference” Day and general programming binders which had been neglected (for more time than we care to admit). I was incredibly nervous before the students arrived. Maybe they wouldn’t like the work we were assigning them? Perhaps they would think the job was too easy? Maybe they’d be bored or worse, not like us?

When everyone walked through the door all of my nervous energy went out the window. The students (and Mr. Sanders for that matter) were all very well-mannered and ready to get to work. Daniel explained the assignments for today that they boys took on with more excitement than either of us ever had. We listened to Mr. Sanders as he explained how to complete the tasks and worked together with the students to ensure that they would not only be as productive as possible, but also be proud of their work. The information was put into each binder before their workday was done. Daniel and I wished everyone a good week and of course gave them some parting gifts (licorice, a lollipop and of course an “A Kindness a Day” Calendar for each student and Mr. Sanders).

It is often said that good things come to those who wait. Well, Daniel and I had been waiting a long time to update those binders. In waiting, we have now been able to welcome our newest team members and are looking forward to a happy, productive and fun year. It is our hope that others in the community take advantage of these rare opportunities as we believe that it is a win-win situation for everyone!

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