Posted on July 29, 2009

As Tisha B’Av approaches, a day of fast and mourning for the destruction of the Bait HaMikdash, we try to focus on our devotion to G-d. Tomorrow, when you are hungry and tired, take a moment to think of those who are just as hungry every day… those that need help. Instead of spending your time watching a movie or texting your friends, help those who are dependant on your kindness of heart. Go to the nearest shelter and deliver your old clothing that is still in good shape. Visit a child in the hospital or someone who is home-bound. Gather a group of friends and each sew a patch to make a quilt to donate to someone in need.
You have the entire day ahead of you to do something good. Don’t let this chance slip through your fingers. Give G-d a good reason to rebuild our holy Bait HaMikdash.

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