A., J. & N. Greenblatt

November 2010

Anna, Julia & Noah Greenblatt
Anna, Julia and Noah are 11 year old triplets and students in the 6th grade at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey.  They live in Teaneck, NJ.  For their Bnai Mitzvah Project, this group of siblings created their own nonprofit organization, Triplets for a Cause.  The triplets have tackled some important issues and worked on a variety of projects. 
"Our first project was baking cookies and brownies to sell in order to raise money for a group of teenage Darfur refugees who are living in Tel Aviv with no family.  They traveled a long journey from Darfur to Israel and needed items such as food and proper clothing.  Mesila is an organization in Tel Aviv helping these teens.  We raised approximately $1,800 for that cause.
Our next project was serving in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.  We helped serve the food and sat to talk with people who came to eat in the soup kitchen in order to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.
Another recent project was helping The Friendship Circle raise money for Jakey, a boy with cerebral palsy who lives in Teaneck, NJ.  The Friendship Circle provides programming for children and teens with special needs and supports their parents and family members.  Jakey's parents located a bike that he was able to ride.  The bike costs approximately $4,000.  In order to raise money for this bike, we made camp packages which people bought and the profit went to the cost of the bike.  We raised approximately $1,900 towards the cost of the bike.  We were able to present Jakey with his new bike and we even got to ride our bikes with him while he rode his.
Our most recent project was making Rosh Hashanah cards to send to Gilad Shalit.  We made the cards and asked people to sign them.  We delivered about 30 cards to our shul to deliver to the International Red Cross who will hopefully be able to deliver the cards to Gilad."
Anna, Julia and Noah are hopeful that by creating Triplets for a Cause they are beginning a lifelong commitment to chesed and community involvement.  Triplets for a Cause is Areyvut's featured O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.A.T.I.O.N. for the month of November.

At a Glance
 Anna, Noah & Julia Greenblatt
Age: 11  

Teaneck, NJ
Year of mitzvah project: 2009 - Present
Mitzvah project: Created Triplets 4 a Cause, a nonprofit organization which has the triplets create a service project to help others in need.  To date they have raised over $4,000 in support of several local and Israel based initiatives.  Anna, Julia and Noah see this program developing into a lifelong commitment to service and chesed.
Favorite Movie:
   Anna: Flicka 2
   Julia: Flicka
   Noah: The Karate Kid (2010)

Favorite food:
   Anna: Ice cream
   Julia: Sushi
   Noah: Steak
Favorite musician or musical group:
   Anna: Yehuda
   Julia: Taylor Swift
   Noah: b.O.b.

Best thing about giving back to the community: 
   Anna: "Being able to see what my hard worked has done."
   Julia: "Knowing that someone gets benefit from it."
   Noah: "Knowing that what you do helps people all over the world."
Three things to bring with you to a deserted island:
   Anna: food, water & family
   Julia: Kindle, week's worth of sushi & a remote that controls a rescue helicopter
   Noah: iPad with wifi, flint & steel
Motto to live by:
   Anna: "Respect everyone."
   Julia: "Work hard but do not overwork."
   Noah: "Always try to act like a mensch."

Role model:
   Anna: Her parents
   Julia: J.K. Rowling
   Noah: Walt Disney