Send Chanukah care packages to Israeli soldiers

Adopt a pet from an animal shelter

Arrange a benefit concert to increase the joy of Chanukah, donate the proceeds to tzedakah

Before Chanukah begins, hold a seminar on fire safety

Make and decorate menorahs, distribute them to people who cannot afford them

Send sufganiot (jelly donuts) to Israeli soldiers
Buy a present and donate it to a child in a local shelter

Give tzedakah each night before lighting your menorah
Run a toy drive at your local school or synagogue to collect Chanukah gifts for children who otherwise would not have any
Donate some of your Chanukah gelt to a needy organization
Decorate chanukiot and distribute them to people who cannot afford them
Perform Chanukah songs with friends at a nursing home
"Brighten up" someone's life - send a care package anonymously to someone who could use cheering up
Instead of giving gifts to your friends and family designate one night of Chanukah and give presents to a family in need
* Dress up and put on a Chanukah play for people who are sick

* Put on a Chanukah puppet show for children
* Host a Chanukah magic show
* Host a community wide dreidel game with money going to tzedakah
* Make latkes for people who can't afford to
* Make personalized Chanukah cards and send them to soldiers
* Put together a candle-making workshop and give candles to people canít afford them to use for Chanukah
* Make dreidels and send them to people to play with
* Make a funny Chanukah video
* Send pictures in frames to soldiers that are far away
* Help older people set up their menorahs
* Have a Chanukah carnival
* A special thank you to our friends and interns from the Sinai School for their help with thinking of new resources for Chanukah 2009.