Areyvut Supporters

We thank you for your continued support and generosity. Your commitment to Areyvut's vision is truly inspiring.

Mrs. Bess Adler
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Leah Adler
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Sima Alper
Rabbi Howard and Mrs. Sarah Alpert
Ms. Robin Amster
Mr. David and Mrs. Rachel Ashendorf
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Linda Ayes
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Robin Baer
Ms. Eva Baer
Mr. Sander and Mrs. Meira Bak
Mr. Mendel and Mrs. Ariella Balk
Ms. Mica Bard-Usdan
Mr. Daniel Barenholtz and Ms. Yael Bloom
Mr. Nachum and Mrs. Sarah Leah Barishansky
Mr. Todd and Mrs. Deborah Baron
Mr. Yale and Dr,. Annie Baron
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Shifra Bendheim
Mr. Keith and Mrs. Miriam Benoff
Ms. Rachel Bergstein
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Suzanne Berman
Ms. Andrea Bier
Mr. Norman and Mrs. Mildred Billig
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Karen Blick
Mr. Mordechai and Mrs Naomi Bodek
Mr. Chaim and Mrs. Yosifa Book
Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Evelyn Borak
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Ida Borer
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Sara Braverman
Dr. Peter Brody
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Rachelle Brumer
Rabbi Lee Buckman
Mr. Dov Chelst and Ms. Michal Levine
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Joyce Claar
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Celia Cohen
Mr. Alan Cohnen
Mr. Daniel and Dr. Judith Cukor
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Rachelle Danto
The Dash Family
Mr. Moshe and Mrs. Sharon Davidowitz
Ms. Amy Deutsch
Ms. Sarah Diamond
Mr. Menashe and Mrs. Rona Dickman
Mrs. Shellie Dickstein
Mr. David and Mrs. Shaindee Dubin
Mr. Claude Edelson
Ms. Aura Engel
Ms. Shana Falda
Mr. Kevie and Mrs. Margit Feit
Mr. Eli and Mrs. Meryl Feldblum
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Yaffa Leah Field
Rabbi Steven and Mrs. Karen Finkelstein
Mr. David and Mrs. Shelley Fisher
Ms. Barbara Flumen
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Cindy Forgash
Mr. David and Mrs. Miriam Forman
Mr. Jonathan Fox and Ms. Shira Vickar
Mr. Marvin Fox
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Roberta Fried
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Marya Friedman
Mr. Len and Mrs. Leslie Frucht
Mr. Jonathan Gellis
Mr. Shai Gerson
Mr. Vern Gideon
Rabbi Adam and Mrs. Jessica Gindea
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Dale Gindi
Mr. Zvi and Mrs. Elise Ginsberg
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Marcy Glicksman
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Arlene Goldberg
Mr. Murray and Mrs. Basheva Goldberg
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Rahel Goldberg
Ms. Sylvia Goldberg
Mr. David and Mrs. Phyllis Goldschmidt
Ms. Michelle Goldstein
Ms. Sharon Gollup
Ms. Cathy Green
Rabbi Yitz and Mrs. Blu Greenberg
Mr. Dov and Mrs. Naomi Greenblatt
Mr. Francis Greenburger
Mr. Seth Greenfield
Ms. Pam Greenwood
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Sarit Gribetz
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Tamar Gross
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Abigail Gross
Ms. Estelle Guzik
Ms. Ellen Haber
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Shira Hammerman
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Vivian Hammerman
Ms. Rebecca Harary
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Dina Heiss
Mr. Gabe and Mrs. Miriam Hermann
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Zvia Herrmann
Mr. Arnon and Mrs. Kena Hiller
Mr. Dani and Mrs. Sharon Hiller
Ms. Renate Hirsch
Mr. Mark Hirschberg
Mr. Yisroel and Mrs. Shira Hochberg
Mr. Shimmie and Mrs. Alissa Horn
Ms. Shoshana Indyk
Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Madelyn Ingber
Ms. Aviva Itzkowitz
Mr. Avi and Mrs. Jessica Jacobs
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Rachel Jager
Mr. Natan and Mrs. Tova Jeselsohn
Mr. Yehezkel and Mrs. Rebecca Jesin
Ms. Heather Kagedan
Mr. David and Mrs. Michal Kahan
Dr. Ira Kaminow
Ms. Janet Kampf
Ms. Ilene Kandler
Ms. Andrea Kasowitz
Mr. Ari and Mrs. Shari Katz
Ms. Chaya Katzenstein
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Genene Kaye
Mr. Rich and Mrs. Sue Kelin
Ms. Betsy Kerner
Ms. Debbie Kerschner
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Alisa Kigner
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Laurie Kilimnick
Mr. Ellie and Mrs. Nicole Kinches
Mr. Moshe and Mrs. Dena Kinderlehrer
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Adina Kirshner
Ms. Adena Kirstein
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Barbara Klaristenfeld
Mr. Ben Klein
Mr. Meyer Koplow
Mr. Aaron Koplowitz
Rabbi Jeff and Mrs. Michelle Korbin
Ms. Lauren Kurland
Dr. Jeremy and Mrs. Rebecca Kurz
Mr. David and Dr. Adina Lederer
Mr. Seth and Mrs. Celine Leeds
Mr. Aaron Lefkowitz
Ms. Rachel Lendner
Mr. Fred Levie
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Dena Levie
Mrs. Ruth Levie
Mr. Warren and Mrs. Esther Levie
Mr. Alan Levine
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Roslyn Lipsky
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Cindy Lish
Mr. Jonah and Mrs. Esther Loewenthal
Rabbi Joshua Lookstein
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Michele Major
Mr. Moshe and Mrs. Debra Mandelbaum
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Michelle Mandelman
Ms. Hilda Mann
Rabbi Leonard and Mrs. Margaret Matanky
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Robin Mendelson
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Susie Meyers
Mr. Daniel Miller
Mr. David and Mrs. Tami Miller
Ms. Deborah Miller
Rabbi Nina Mizrahi
Mr. Chanan and Mrs. Gaila Morrison
Ms. Sharon Morton
Mr. Avi Moses
Mr. Ari and Mrs. Gabi Moskowitz
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Michele Moskowitz
Mr. Joel and Mrs. Joyce Motechin
Mr. David and Mrs. Freeda Muller
Mr. Jason and Mrs. Cheryl Munk
Mr. Ari and Mrs. Caryn Nat
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. CB Neugroschl
Mr. Abe Neuman and Ms. Rita Lewy
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Gail Novick
Mr. David and Mrs. Dara Orbach
Mr. Mark Orenshein and Ms. Debra Pine
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Chani Oshinsky
Ms. Megan Pachner
Ms. Donna Pasternak
Mr. Seth Perlmutter
Mr. Gary Peterson
Mr. Stan and Mrs. Lonna Picker
Ms. Julie Plotsker
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Claire Podell
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Eileen Pollack
Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Annette Prager
Mr. Yossi and Mrs. Sara Prager
Mr. Steven Pretsfelder
Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Risa Prince
Mr. Yaakov and Mrs. Adeena Pultman
Ms. Mary Pyrros
Ms. Alexandrea Ravenelle
Mr. Allen and Mrs. Patricia Ray
Mr. Lawrence Rein
Dr. Jonathan and Mrs. Sheila Resnick
Mr. Binyamin and Mrs. Gail Rieder
Mr. Akiva and Mrs. Nomi Roseman
Mr. Ritchard and Mrs. Stacey Rosen
Mr. Mordechai and Mrs. Cheryl Rosenberg
Ms. Myra and Ms. Sadie Rosenblatt
Rabbi Ronald ROth
Mr. Marc Rothenberg
Mr. Ariel and Mrs. Pamela Rothman
Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Amy Rothner
Ms. Elaine Rothner
Mr. Eric Rothner
Rabbi Gideon and Mrs. Elizabeth Rothstein
Dr. Merrill and Mrs. Laura Rotter
Mr. Gabriel and Mrs. Laura Ruben
Mr. Stuart Rubinstein
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Yael Saffra
Mr. Yehuda Safier
Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Mindy Saibel
Mr. David and Mrs. Margi Saks
Dr. Alain and Mrs. Amy Sanders
Ms. Arielle Saposh
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maren Scharf
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Cathy Schuss
Mr. Avi and Mrs. Aliza Schulhof
Mr. David and Mrs. Bena Schwartz
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Loretta Schwartz
Mr. Jesse and Mrs. Dina Schwartzman
Mr. Seth and Mrs. Heidi Seigel-Laddy
Mr. Brian Shanblatt and Ms. Margo Heda
Mr. Yaakov and Mrs. Sari Sheinfeld
Mr. Yudy and Mrs. Mugsy Sheinfeld
Rabbi Benjamin Shull
Mr. Ari Shulman
Ms. Shoshana Shulman
Mr. David and Mrs. Cheryl Siegel
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Brenda Siegel
Ms. Yonit Sinnreich
Ms. Dara Silver
Mr. Jonathan Silver
Mr. David and Mrs. Lynn Silverberg
Mr. Ozer Simon
Mr. Irving and Mrs. Sonia Sklaver
Ms. Rachel Skoff
Mr. David and Mrs. Jody Small
Ms. Tamar Snyder
Mr. Moshie and Mrs. Sonya Solomon
Dr. Evan and Mrs. Diane Spivak
Ms. Eve Sperling
Mr. Ezra and Mrs. Rachel Stark
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Dina Stein
Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Estelle Steinberg
Ms. Sari Steinberg
Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Debra Sternberg
Mr. Larry and Mrs. Chana Stiefel
Ms. Sandy Steiner
Ms. Sara Stobetzki
Ms. Andrea Sultan
Mr. Chaim Szafranski
Mr. David and Mrs. Ellen Teitelbaum
Ms. Shoshana Tennenberg
Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Roberta Tischler
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Chava Trauig
Mr. Ezra and Mrs. Debbie Tuchman
Mr. Jason Tuvel
Ms. Jaime Twersky
Mr. Chanan and Mrs. Amy Vogel
Mr. Jerold and Mrs. Sharon Volk
Ms. Rachel Wainer-Apter
Mrs. Shira Waldstreicher
Mr. Steven and Mrs. Bena Weil
Ms. Elissa Weindling
Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Ellie Weiner
Mr. Martin and Mrs. Helaine Weisberg
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Tova Weiser
Mr. Howard and Mrs. Susan Weiss
Ms. Sharon Weiss
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Ofra Wind
Mr. Josh and Mrs. Leah Wisotsky
Mr. Victor and Mrs. Beth Wittenberg
Mr. Noah and Mrs. Marilyn Wolff
Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Shira Wurzberger
Mr. Ira and Mrs. Grunny Zlotnick
Ms. Joan Zlotnick
Ms. Lois Zoller
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sharon Zughaft

We value and appreciate all of our donors, but also respect your privacy. If you do not want your name on the Areyvut Supporters list, please email