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A unique inter-generational program returns!


Join Areyvut's Mitzvah Clowns as we march in this year's Celebrate Israel Parade!

A kindness a Day

If you are going to be late for a meeting or appointment, be sure to call ahead.
"Rabbi Shimon said: There are three crowns…but the crown of a good name surpasses them all. "
Ethics of the Fathers 4:13
  • Wednesday
  • May
  • 9 Sivan
  • 5775

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Celebrate Israel Parade

Join the Areyvut Mitzvah Clowns at this year's parade!

Unity Day Chesed Fair

Join us on Jun 3rd. Eyal, Gilad and Naftali’s first yahrzeit, to show unity among the Jewish people.


Teens Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Areyvut's H.O.P.E. Teen Philanthropy Program @ Yeshivat Noam

Becky Troodler Honored by Areyvut

Jewish Community Youth Foundation Participates in Areyvut's National Mitzvah Day